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Hi! I am LeonRico. Currently a student, majoring in Environmental Design & Illustration. I am From SoCal, but currently am staying in the lovely city of Vancouver.


Artist: Watson Atkinson
Twine St. Portland, Maine
White Ink




"Previously, researchers had misidentified skeletons as male simply because they were buried with their swords and shields. By studying osteological signs of gender within the bones themselves, researchers discovered that approximately half of the remains were actually female warriors, given a proper burial with their weapons."


Fuck yeah

When I was 16, I had a fake I.D. and decided to go to a gay bar by myself because some friends bailed on me. While there, an older gentleman bought me a drink. He wasn’t a creeper, and he definitely wasn’t unattractive. I accepted the drink and began talking to him. No big deal. As the hour progressed, I felt myself feeling strange. I mentioned that I felt like I had a headache, and this guy helped guide me out of the bar. As we were walking down the street, the thought of, ‘Oh god, he’s drugged me, I’m going to die’ came to my head. I tried to get away, but I was so drugged up that I could barely walk, let alone speak. It also didn’t help that I had really large ‘goth’ platform shoes because I was going through a phase. Anyway, this guy brought me to his suv and began undressing me. As a final act of defiance, I hit him over the head with my platform shoe. He then punched me, and I remember thinking, ‘Why don’t they ever give workshops to gay guys about being victims of rape too?’ While I was as careful as possible, I never saw the guy slip something in the drink. I even watched the bar tender make the drink. Anyway, I lied there completely paralyzed while this pervert was lubing up. I locked eyes with his for a moment, and that’s when it happened. A very large and angry drag queen opened the door of the vehicle and beat the shit out of my attempted rapist. She and her other drag friends helped dress and care for me while the police arrived. I was saved by a group of guardian drag queens. They were basically the modern day ‘angels from heaven.’











God bless drag queens.

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Whenever drag queens are present, you best believe they will save the fuckin day.

Oh fuck yes.


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Every time a bell rings, a drag queen gets his wings.

God bless drag queen omg

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A few weeks ago, friend Benito Cereno put out this challenge of an all-female, 7-member Justice League. When I did those “My 5 favorite X-Men” and “My 5 favorite Avengers” pieces a while ago I mentioned I probably wouldn’t do one for the Justice League because I didn’t think it would be that interesting, but I liked this twist. So, based on my initial picks, I used these as my warm-ups for the last few weeks. I can’t remember which order I did them in, but somewhere around Hawkgirl I just decided to do whatever I wanted design-wise instead of sticking to canon.

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